Change Isn’t Optional for a Believer

Over the last few weeks our Ladies I Class at my church has been studying surrender, obedience and revival to show our commitment to pleasing the Lord in all that we say and do.

I came across a very interesting article concerning the things we choose to view and read – what we put into our hearts and minds sometimes without even realizing they may not be God’s best for us.  Here is the link:

Will you prayerfully consider giving up a particular TV show, not going to a certain popular movie or putting down (or even throwing away) a best-selling book that “everyone is reading”?

How is your life different from those around you?  To truly be obedient to a Holy God we must incorporate His rules for living.  The article referenced above sheds some light in areas that are vital to doing this.

To help with the process we should daily digest portions of God’s Word and His principles.  This allows the Holy Spirit to incrementally help us discern the good from His best. When you read and pray through the Scriptures, ask the Lord to show you the next critical step to take on your narrow road to surrender and obedience.  These are pre-requisites for personal and corporate revival.   What change(s) do YOU need to make?

We are called to be different!  How is your life different from your co-worker’s, your neighbor’s or even a family member’s?  Obediently pleasing God must be our first priority.  Is it yours?

In His abundant love and grace,

Debbie Manthe