A Look at Integrity

Welcome Again Friends!

It seems that I’m beginning a habit of walking in the park before my workday begins, and this morning I was praying that the Lord would allow me to see something different in His world today.  Just a little blessing to encourage me and start my day off really well would be just fine.

So, what did I see when I rounded the bend?  A little black cat I had never seen in the park before.  He was a little skittish, but since he didn’t know me from Adam’s house cat, that was a typical response.  He didn’t realize I was a cat-lover!  🙂  Regardless, God truly answered my prayer right from the very beginning of my journey.

As I continued on my way I was also hopeful that I’d see the little bunny rabbit again.  Well, sure enough, there he was munching on breakfast just outside the tree line on the grass in the same general area he’s been sitting in every morning.  I moved slowly towards him on the path and stopped when he looked my way.  As he looked down again to get another bite I inched a little closer until I was probably within 25 feet of him.  I remained still and just watched this little wonder of God’s creation.  He was a normal-sized brown rabbit with big eyes and long ears.  As he looked straight ahead, his ears were moving back and forth, listening for any type of predator that might be near.  Not that I’m a predator mind you, but to him I might have been classified as one.

He did allow me to silently watch him for about two to three minutes, and before he scampered off into the woods, he stopped eating to use his front paws to clean his little face after the morning meal.  It was so neat to see this in close proximity, and I could also make out the details of his actions as they were happening right before my very eyes.  I don’t know if he saw me for sure, but whether he did or not, he continued his normal daily routine / ritual of eating and then properly cleaning himself up.

Then I thought about my life.  Whether I know someone is watching or not, do I go about my normal routine?  Hmmm…  Do I act the same way when I think no one is looking?  This brings to mind the subject of “integrity”, and here’s the dictionary definition:  “Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character, honesty.”

Let’s translate that and apply it to our daily spiritual walk with the Lord:  If we live a life of integrity, then we should continue doing what we normally do when God or anyone is looking on.  That is, we continue doing the right things, even (and especially) when no one is looking.  I want to be that type of person; someone who is a woman of her word and someone who will act according to Godly principles, even when no one sees.

So my questions are these:  Who’s watching your life?  How close do you let them get?  If you didn’t know anyone was watching, would they see you acting inappropriately, or would you be that person of integrity who would do the right thing, regardless of who is looking?

As Christians, we are called to walk the talk, all the time, no matter what.  Does that mean we are perfect?  No!  But we are seen as blameless before God.  Since as believers we have the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we can then behave as the blameless individuals God sees before Him.  Our lives should be lived with integrity, and you just might be the biggest influence on another person’s life they’ve ever had but you may never know it.  Your life could also be the only Bible a person may ever read.

May God be pleased with our actions at all times, in public or in private.  Our goal is to be obedient to what His Word teaches us, to please Him in all things, to be an encourager to others and to be more Christlike in our character each day.  We never know who’s watching, so it is God’s best and ours that we strive to live a life of integrity.

So what is your life shouting to the world?  Would the word “integrity” be used to describe you?  I sure hope so!

Be blessed,



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