God’s Wonderful Creation

Today I decided to take an early morning walk in the park before work.  Yesterday, while at that very same location, one of the park employees was describing how he had seen several deer (does) coming out of the nearby woods and crossing the paved area to another wooded locale.  Lo and behold, as we were talking, another doe proceeded to venture out of those very same woods, crossed the paved parking lot and entered the woods on the other side.  What a wonderful site to see!!!  And this was at 2 p.m. in the afternoon!  What wonders God has placed right before our very eyes!

I was told that various fauna such as a red fox had also been seen as well as several species of birds, many squirrels and rabbits, so this morning I went to the park armed with ammunition – my camera!  As I was walking throughout Forest Community Park God provided me with two opportunities to view cute little brown bunny rabbits munching breakfast.  Here is the one I spotted on my way out of the park before he ran off:

Another beauty of God’s creation that caught my eye was an interesting mushroom that was flanked and protected by other flora in the woods.  The color was interesting, so I wanted to show this to you as well.

Isn’t God both creative and beautiful in the display of His majesty?  That reminded me of Psalm 57:5, where the psalmist describes it so well:  “God is supreme over the skies; his majesty covers the earth.”

This prompts me to remember to thank the Lord for His provision, even in the little things like bunny rabbits and mushrooms.  What are you thankful for today, something little or something big?  Either way, God deserves our gratitude and praise for He is our gracious provider!!



One response to “God’s Wonderful Creation

  1. Nobody can see God, but everyone can see what HE has made! Creation is always speaking to those who will listen as God whispers to us all the time and speaks to us individually through ALL his creations. Look at the beautiful bunny, as he hops to his next meal, we hop from one emotion to another, one thought to another, problem to another, and always we’re to hop in Jesus’ lap. The interesting mushroom – how we’re all made differently and interesting in our own way with our own interests and talents and hopefully with God’s beauty radiating to everyone else for His Glory

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